De-clutter your mind and live a richer, fuller, more meaningful life


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is focusing your full attention on your breathing

Mindfulness is observing your thoughts as they arise in your mind

Mindfulness is letting go of your struggles

Mindfulness is about observation without criticism

Mindfulness is being compassionate with yourself

Mindfulness focuses on promoting peace of mind, body and soul rather than banishing unhappiness, increasing contentment and confidence levels whilst also reducing anxiety, stress and irritability.

Where can mindfulness help you?

Stress reduction

Chronic pain

Can reduce Anxiety and associated symptoms

Depression (in conjunction with CBT)

Sleep problems

Improve the brain’s ability to process information

Reduce brain-related problems in old age

Strengthen the immune system

Lift mood and reduce stress


Can mindfulness reveal unwanted thoughts?

Mindfulness could uncover hidden emotions. This does not happen in every situation and is not intentional. However long-term, this awareness can often be used positively in personal development. Your mindfulness coach is fully trained in all counselling and coaching therapies including MBCT (mindfulness based cognitive therapy) and would be able to support you.

What we offer

  • For the individual or small group sessions

Eight one-hour sessions running through the basics of mindful-meditation. These sessions provide both theory and practical techniques designed to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life.

  • Mindful mind and body (advanced)

Eight one-hour sessions detailing advanced mindful-meditation and muscle relaxation techniques. These sessions provide both theory and practical skills designed to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life.

  • Maintaining Mindfulness

Regular refresher classes for those who prefer to attend a group to practice mindful-meditation.

StressBuster for schools

Six one-hour sessions designed to help students take control of their minds, particularly in anxiety provoking situations.

If you are interested - in any of these courses, please contact Kev at the hub and ask for fees and more details