Welcome to Hub Schools


Hi, my name is Kev and I have worked as a qualified teacher and counsellor in schools for over 25 years. Since recently moving to Bourne I have seen first-hand a bigger need for all-round support in schools and the wider community, so am expanding the service into a complete support network in schools using qualified and experienced teachers and counsellors. 

I believe that the combination of teaching and counselling skills enhances the support we provide. All our staff have a full understanding of the school system and the pressures both in and out of school a young person has to face.

Being qualified teachers as well as counsellors we are very aware of the impact that mental health has on learning and the learning environment, so we see early intervention as just as important as working with someone that has struggled for an amount of time.

Early intervention does not always eradicate issues straight away, but starts the repair earlier and can prevent issues becoming more complicated.

Coming into school and working as part of your pastoral team or taking PSHE lessons, form times, assemblies and games clubs has a real positive impact on the understanding of mental health amongst students and begins to build the confidence and trust that ideally needs to be in place before counselling.


So, why not have a good look at what we can offer and let us work with you to build a bespoke pastoral care package for your school.

We will  supply you with a 6 monthly statistical report that will help you keep control of where your resources are best placed. This will not show any confidential information so can be used for the public domain if you wish. 

The Hub Schools' Programme consists of several strands, all working towards one main end: 

To support and empower the child until the child can support themselves.

You know what your students need most and when they need it, so we will support and aid you on this journey with them.

Every school has a mix of students with a diverse range of needs and concerns.  At the Counselling Hub we offer a wide choice of Holistic Therapies, including CBT and ACT, MBCT and Existential Therapy, Play and Art, Therapy and Mindfulness Meditation courses as well as our 'StressBusters' course focusing on exam pressure.

These can be combined or used separately to gain maximum impact on how the child strengthens and moves on.

Only fully police checked, qualified and experienced team will serve your school.

We offer one to one counselling and coaching, group session coaching, individual/group training and support and teaching in any mix you feel best suits the needs of your students and you school.